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The Speckledy is a modern hybrid and comes from a Rhode Island Red crossed with a Maran. The feathering closely resembles that of a Maran but it is a far more prolific egg layer. They are large yet elegant birds with a deep breast, upward pointing tail and pale legs. The comb is medium, red and serrated and the face is smooth. The earlobes and wattles are small and smooth and the beak curved and mottled. They have pale bay eyes.
The Speckledy is a docile, easily handled bird. They are excellent and reliable layers of dark chestnut brown eggs which are usually speckled. The eggshells are particularly strong and the yolks deep yellow. They are well suited to free ranging and enjoy foraging. Their feathers are silky soft and abundant.

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Pure Breeds

We usually have a wide variety of breeds. Please contact us to check availability.

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Hybrids are perfect for anyone who is new to chicken keeping and also for someone looking for consistent numbers of delicious eggs. They usually tame easily and therefore handle easier , so are ideal pets for children. All of our hybrids are vaccinated.

Avian Flu (Perventative Measures ) Regs 2006

All Purchased birds to be loaded into clean transport containers. Buyers are responsible for the isolation of birds purchased for 7 days.
Blackwater takes no responsibility for birds that are purchased and mixed with existing stock.

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